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1. The length of the national (significant) number N(S)N is 8 digits for geographic numbering and 10 digits for non-geographic numbering (networks and services)..
2. The '0' is used on all domestic calls, including in the same city, but is omitted when dialling from other countries.
3. When dialling from Ireland to Northern Ireland, the area code used should be '048' instead of '0044 28'
4. Country code 247 Ascension and country code 290 Saint Helena and Tristan da Cunha. Numbers commencing with the initial digit 8 will be assigned to Tristan da Cunha, whilst national numbers commencing with the initial digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 will remain assigned to Saint Helena.
5. When dialling from Italy to San Marino, the subscriber number must be prefixed by '0549' instead of '00378'. When dialling from San Marino to Italy, the complete national subscriber number must be used, without prefixing the number by '0039'.
6. Western Indonesia including Sumatra, Java, Madura and Bali UTC+7; Central Indonesia including Kalimantan (Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes) and Nusatengarra (Lesser Sunda) UTC+8; Eastern Indonesia including Maluku (Moluccas) and Irianjaya (Irian) UTC+9.
7. Subscriber numbers on PSTN and analogue mobile network consist of 8 digits and those on the mobile network consist of 9 digits
8. Including Australia Antartic Territory Bases and Norfolk Island (UTC+11.30)(international prefix for Norfolk Island is '0101').
9. When dialling from Singapore to Malaysia, the area code and subscriber number must be prefixed by '020' instead of '00160'. When dialling from Malaysia to Singapore, the subscriber number must be prefixed by '02' instead of '0065'.
10. Baja California Norte UTC-8/DST-7; Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Nayarit UTC-7/DST-6.
11. Alberta UTC-7/DST-6; British Columbia UTC-8/DST-7; Manitoba UTC-6/DST-5; New Brunswick, Nova Scotia UTC-4/DST-3;Newfoundland UTC-3.30/DST-2.30; Ontario, Quebec UTC-5/DST-4.
12. Includes Cocos-Keeling Islands(UTC+6.30) and Christmas Island (UTC+7). Western Australia (UTC+8).
13. Reserved for the Palestinian Authority.
14. "1xx" : always select long-distance operator code.Telephone_numbers_in_Chile
15. The seven and eleven digit schemes are solely for numbers that do not entail any charge for the subscriber making the call (800) or for numbers that involve a surcharge for subscriber A (900). All other numbers have a fixed eight digit scheme.
16. The country code listed is for future use (Vatican is currently using country code '39').
17. Kaliningrad UTC +2/DST+3; Moscow, St. Petersburg, Astrakhan, Izhevsk, Samara UTC+3/DST+4; Perm, Nizhnevartovsk UTC+5/DST+6; Novosibirsk, Omsk UTC+6/DST+7; Norilsk, Kyzyl UTC+7/DST+8; Bratsk, Ulan-Ude UTC+8/DST+9; Chita, Yakutsk UTC+9/DST+10; Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk UTC+10/DST+11; Magadan, Kamchatka UTC+11/DST+12.
18. Other states UTC-3 (no change).
19. When dialling between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda the national (significant) number must be prefixed by 005 for Kenya, by 006 for Uganda and by 007 for Tanzania..
20. 11 digits for voice-mail services only.
21. Eastern Time UTC-5/DST-4; Central Time UTC-6/DST-5; Mountain Time UTC-7; Pacific Time UTC-8/DST-7; Alaska UTC-9/DST-8; Hawaiian UTC-10.
22. Carrier pre-selection has been introduced in Mauritius since 1 January 2005. The international prefix "00" may be used only by those subscribers who have pre-selected an International Long Distance (ILD) carrier. For subscribers who have not pre-selected any carrier, their international calls made using the prefix "00" are not allowed through.All subscribers may however select the ILD carrier of their choice on a Call-by-Call basis by using the carrier prefix assigned to the selected carrier, by the ICTA (ILD Carrier Prefix: 020, 022, 030, 033, 040, 050, 060, 070).
23. Seven digits for the fixed network and eight digits for the mobile network.