ImageDetailed procedure to Upgrade to Bookmarks  (v2.6 and above)

Read (again) the Readme file in the ZIP...

Here is a more detailed procedure, and I do assume that you have understood the main stream of the upgrade procedure...

Step 1 : Backup
OK, now looking for SQL backup instructions...
I assume that you are using phpMyAdmin...

- So first start the phpMyAdmin console...
- Select the right Database
- Click on "Export" tab
- In the left box "tables list", select (ctrl+click) the "jos_bookmarks" tables (6 tables).
- in "SQL Options" right part :
.... "Structure" section, select :
.... "Data" section, select :
[x] Complete inserts

- Then enable [x] Save File (leave "none" for clear text..).
- Finally click the "GO" button to start the backup query...

Now you should have a backup of your tables on your local disk...
Just verify it, and retry backup process if you think it is unsuccessful...

Step 2 : Upgrade files

Method 1 :
Now, as the backup is OK, you can :
- Uninstall the Component (that will remove the tables),
- Install the new version
- Restore the saved tables.

How To restore the saved tables :

Open the SQL pane, open the saved SQL file, then click the "GO" button to execute the queries...

Method 2 :
You can also use a FTP client, and simply replace all files from the ZIP on your website.
Important : place each file in its correct location !

Step 3 : Table Structure Upgrade
And now, the last and important point : Upgrade the Tables structure...
=> in the Back-end > Component : "Bookmarks" > Operation Center (OPC) > Tab : "Tables" > Action : "Check DB integrity". This action will perform the needed upgrade of your SQL tables and some files verifications...

Step 4 : You're done...
If you performed all the steps correctly, you should have the Component with the latest table structure and all your data...
Check the Control Panel for new parameters...

Addendum : Manually Uninstall Component:

If you have issues while installing the Component and the system is telling that there is already a component with the same name, you certainly need a manual cleanup of the old Component :

Normally to uninstall a Component, you must remove it from Joomla/Mambo, with the Component Installer...
It will remove files and SQL tables properly...
But in some cases you will need to manually remove the old Component, so first you must remove the following folders (folders, sub-folders and all files) :
- "/administrator/components/com_bookmarks/"
- "/components/com_bookmarks/"
Then in MySQL remove the tables starting with "jos_bookmarks" (6 tables).
Note : the Bookmarks data will be erased, ensure you have a backup before doing this action...
And finally you have to cleanup the "jos_components" table, by removing records where the field "option" contains "com_bookmarks".
=> Execute the following SQL query to find the records to delete : 
SELECT * FROM `jos_components`
WHERE `option` = "com_bookmarks"
ORDER BY `admin_menu_link` ASC
Then remove the records founds (should find ~8 rows)...
And finally you should be able to install latest version...

Happy upgrade !


Dear MyLinks users,

[:ask] You cannot see the Actions images ?

[:idea] Hum, in fact this is a bit normal... But let me explain the reason...

I do use standard Mambo toolbars, but normally they are used from the Administrator folder, then looking for image folder in "/administrator/images/", but when used in Front-end, the standard images folder is used => "/images/".
So the trick is to copy the missing images from the administrator images folder... ;-)
Copy : edit, save, cancel, and delete, but normally html is not needed. This is a bug of Mambo (v4.5.2 and maybe in earlier versions too !?). Because the image for "edit" should be "edit.png" and not "html.png" => So you need to hack the file "include/HTML_toolbar.php" => the function "editList" should be like this (replace "html" by "edit") to display the correct image  :

function editList( $task='edit', $alt=_E_EDIT )
$image = mosAdminMenus::ImageCheck( 'edit.png', '/images/', NULL, NULL, $alt, $task );
$image2 = mosAdminMenus::ImageCheck( 'edit_f2.png', '/images/', NULL, NULL, $alt, $task, 0 );

Enjoy Hacking and Linking... [8-)]
TipsHelp ! My Visitor Counter doesn't count !

 [:ask] If you just installed the Visitor Counter module, and the counter does not increase after each visit...

This is certainly normal as you may have forget to enable the site statistics...
[:idea] To enable Site Statistics : go to Administrator Console (Back-end)
Menu : Site > Global Configuration > Statistiques > Statistics : "Yes"...

This will really help.... ;-)

Update : MamboForge :heart

ImageHow to automatically add bookmarks ?

A nice tip provided by Andrew, to help you to automatically add the current page to your Mambo's Bookmarks system...

The idea is to create a bookmark in your browser with some javascript that will automatically open the "Add Bookmark" page of your site, and automatically fill the title and the url fields with the the values of the current page...

Here is the javascript to add in the url field of your new bookmark :

!!! For version until v2.7_2g !!!


Note : enter the above code on one line only due to JavaScript restriction... 

Or just bookmark this link (copy the URL) : Add Link  (and do not forget to edit the website url to reflect your needs...)

!!! For version after v2.7_2g !!!

myTitle = escape(myTitle);
myUrl = escape(location.href);
myInfo = "&info="+myTitle+"(|)"+myUrl;
res = myInfo.match(/%/g);
for (i=0;i<res.length;i++) {myInfo = myInfo.replace(/%/,"|");} myWindow=open(''+myInfo,'addLinkWindow',''); myWindow.focus();

Note : enter the above code on one line only due to JavaScript restriction... 

Or just bookmark this link (copy the URL) : Add Link  (and do not forget to edit the website url to reflect your needs...)


Then while surfing, just click on the bookmark, then the add page will be automatically opened in a new window with the current page value, save and you're done !

Happy Bookmarking !

ImageHow To use a MamBot ???

Simply by adding the special Bot's Tag in your Content : {mosXYZ}

Here are the MamBots available on this site :

{ mosimage } Display an image from the image list defined in the Content.
{ mospagebreak } Split a long page into small pages, with navigation.
{ moscredits } To display all authors and versions info of features installed on this website.

":-)", ":call", ":o)"
{ mossmilies }

Simply add your smilies in the content, they will be converted to a picture... :-)
Use the tag to display all the available smilies.
{ moscode }...{ /moscode } Display and format a piece of code...