Peripheriques d'impression

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To black list relay/spam

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Access Recovery Tool is a powerful file repair software to repair your corrupt access database files. Access file repair tool restore tables structure, forms, query, reports, primary key etc. Software successfully recover and repair corrupt and damage .md ...

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Peripheriques d'affichage, composants

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Win32 Perl versionActiveState Open source technology-based tools and solutions for Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT, and sendmail. Cross-platform development, server-side email management, and enterprise support. Free trials.

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Identify and remove adware and trojan installed on your machine.

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Controleurs SCSI, solutions reseaux

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Peripheriques audio

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Text, multimedia, portable file viewer

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Peripheriques d'acquisition

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Icon Utilites Package - Software bundle that includes icon editor, icon manager, image converters, cursor editor and image viewer

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Airplanes - Aviation - Aircraft- Aircraft Photos & News

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Akihabara News : Your Leading News provider on Gadgets and Hi-Tech stuff from Akihabara in Tokyo Japan and in other Asian Countries

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The SecureForms Add-on implement a solution that prevent spammers and hackers from using bots and remote form submission to submit data to your Joomla site. Some other tools : Whois Lookup, Bioritmo, Connection Speed Test and some more nice tools.

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Solutions reseaux

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AlloCiné : le premier portail cinéma. 50.000 fiches film, 90.000 fiches personnalité, 21.000 bandes-annonces et extraits videos, 350.000 photos, les chiffres du box-office, les interviews, les festivals...

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AlternativeTo let you find new Windows, Mac, Linux and online software based on applications you already know instead of useless categories. We make each application into a category.

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Amax is a leading national computer distributor, as well as a custom computer system manufacturer. Our website provides our Reseller Partners with easy access to the most-current pricing, availability, and product information

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Fondeur de micro-processeurs, composants

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Powerfull Amiga Emulator

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Das anet – austrian network for e-Tourism – ist ein Kompetenznetzwerk mit dem Schwerpunkt Tourismus und Informationstechnologien. Ziel dieses Netzwerkes, das vom BMWA im Rahmen des k_ind Programms und von den beteiligten Bundesländern gefördert wird, ist ...

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Over 400,000 3D animations, clip art, backgrounds, video clips and PowerPoint templates to create emails, websites, videos and presentations.

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Tutorial : Anna's Joomla Tips - A usefull detailed description about Joomla and Mambo for newbies and beginners !

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Anti-Spam - Fight Back Against Spammers. Virtually infinite numbers of bogus email addresses to poison the e-mail databases of spammers. Keywords: Anti-Spam, unsolicited unwanted commercial e-mail, junk email, anti-junk, bulk advertising e-mail

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Compare Antiviruses

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Web Server in Open GL

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AppGini is a PHP scripts generation tool for MySQL databases. It works under Windows 9x. AppGini generates PHP scripts to create the database and its tables. In addition, PHP scripts and HTML forms needed for data entry, navigation, editing and deletion a ...

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Mac, Peripheriques d'impression

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Java applet to provide some effects in your pages.

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HTML Editor

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Relive the arcade classics from the 80's

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Use Arles Image Web Page Creator to quickly and easily create image collections on the web. Arles creates high quality thumbnails, modifies images and automatically creates HTML pages for your online image collections.

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Auto-Correct on the fly

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Solutions reseaux

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Common HTML Character Codes (HTML name)

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Generate a ASCII graphic from a word or text. Over 130 fonts.

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Quelques astuces pour Windows (français)

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Cartes meres, Peripheriques audio, reseaux

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TI : Divers infos

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Independent comparatives of Anti-Virus software

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Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. Tasks can be automated using projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities. It supports most video formats like DVD, VOB, AVI, DivX, XviD, WMV, MPG, MP4, ...

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