Dear Bookmarks users,Image

Sorry for not answering to all your posts in the Forum.
Last months I had to work too much for a very big professional project, which consummed all my business hours and also all my private time...

So I was really unable to visit and maintain this site for ages !

I do hope that I will be able to recover some spare time to review all your issues, and try to work on the new version (compatible with Joomla! v1.5).

Thank you for your huge patience !


Dear Visitors,

As you may have already seen, we recently faced to some spam attacks in the Forum. [:grr]

[:call] So here is my immediat defence action : from now on only registered users will be able to post into the Forums, this to prevent new unwanted and annoying spam posts...

This restriction will remain until I find how to securize a bit more the Forum component, like adding some Captcha feature to ensure that only real human are posting on this site... [:upset]

Sorry for simple visitors (non-registred), but I do not want any more to spent 1/2 hour to clean up the forums every days...

I hope to come back soon, but this mainly depends on the complexity to integrate the Captcha tool into forum's script files... [8-)]

Addendum: Sorry for Public visitors, as I wrongly configured the Forum to allow only Registered to see the posts.
=> I fixed this paramater, so from now Public visitors will be able to see again the posts. But they will have to register to write a new request or an answer...

Sorry for inconveniences, but staying clean from spam as unfortunately some price...

MyLinks v1.3 is released !
Added a dropdown selector (thanks to Fox) to reduce the space used, and fixup of some navigation issues.
Update : {mosbookmarks:bm=1573;box=3}
Bookmarks - Beta v2.7_2 is available
I published here the beta v2.7_2. A lot of bugs have been fixed since the v2.6 version and I implement some requests to better control some parts of the Component... [:-)]
Enjoy the New Experiment !
Update : in the Downloads section
Developments available (for v.4.5.1) !
Other Modules and Components that have been released by TEG Design:
Type Name Version Released
Mambot MosSmilies v2.0 Sept.2004
Module NewsFlashScroller v2.5 May.2006
Update : {mosbookmarks:bm=1566;box=3}