BookmarksHello Dear Bookmarks Users !

[:call]The new beta version "v2.7_2e" is finally out !

There are some fixes since the v2.7_2c that needed to fixed and I added some improvements :

  • Fixes the Google Page Rank issue as well as some other issues...
  • Added a new verification system to identify file version, just in case you have a wrong file that was not replaced during upgrade.
  • Added a new Snapshot system (fast and free).
  • And some minor but mandatory fixes...

Sorry for delay since last year, but my personal life is still really too busy and do not allow to work as I want on my Bookmark project...

Tongue out Thanks for you patience !

Read below the change log since the v2.7_2 !



v2.7_2e (12.05.2007) by DJesus (Beta release)

- Fixed an issue while importing Bookmarks from Mozilla Bookmarks.html file. No more importing the <DD> tag with description.  !!! Thanks to Holger Mueller for the fix !!!
- Added a parameter to import or not the Description when importing a Bookmark file from FireFox.
- Fixed and issue with the code to retrieve Google PageRank. The new code is retrieving again the PR properly.  !!! Thanks to Holger Mueller for the fix !!!

v2.7_2d (17.10.2006) by DJesus (Beta release - Not published)
- Fixed a wrong language entity use : in front-end was using _BM_BOOKMARK instead of _BMU_BOOKMARK, now correctly only uses the _BMU_BOOKMARK to avoid translation confusion.
- Added 2 parameters to control Border around Wrapper Box, when opening a Bookmarks in Wrapper mode.
- Fixed a small issue with Custom fields that contains "-" in their field name, added smart-quotes (`fieldname`) to prevent SQL to wrongly interprets as "minus sign operator" causing SQL errors.
- Reordered Tabs in Edit page for Front-End, now the "Custom Fields" tab is displayed in 2nd position (if present), then the Parameters tab. This mainly to respect a more logical display.
- Added in "OPC > DB Integrity check", the verification of files versions. Now the Component, Modules and Bots files are checked to identify version to detect copy error after manual upgrade (file not replaced correctly)...
- Reviewed OPC error tracking, now better tracking of multiple errors.
- Updated Snapshot system "ArtViper" to better generate preview by using some new parameters => Execute : OPC > Snapshots > Convert : ArtViper" to update the URL...
- Added Snapshot system "WebsitesThumbnail".
- Fixed a display issue on "Request Preview" in the Control Panel > Columns, the button's tooltip now properly displays the request URL.

v2.7_2c (21.09.2006) by DJesus (Beta release)
- Fixed a small glitch with GooglePage Rank retrieval function, as it was doing twice the "GET" action (New and Old method for debug)... Now retrieve the PR only once with the new way...
- Removed Debug info from "bookmarks.snapshots.php", a small warning was displayed at first installation, as the Control Panel was never saved (no Snapshots default systems in table)...
- Fixed a small issue with Front-end ordering, now using correct variable name "$orderbyupdown"...
- Review Compatibility with Mambo v4.6, now Bookmarks should also be compatible with this new version ! Only a few point had to be fixed...
- Fixed a big issue with Vote feature (regression introduced in v2.7_2b) ! The Voting is again correctly checking that the visitor has already voted for the Bookmark !!!
- !! IMPORTANT !! Due to some issues with Mambo v4.6 installer, the 2 XML files for "JoomFish" have been moved into the folder "JoomFish" in the ZIP archive to avoid any conflicts during installation...

v2.7_2b (18.09.2006) by DJesus (Beta release)

- Fixed verification of JomComment system, now check both Bot and Component presence.
- Added a parameter to control if the Description field is added to the Description Meta-tag of the Detail page.
- Fixed a small glitch in the Meta-Tag retreive procedure (hiden eventual error message).
- Fixed an issue with voting function, the "$rating" variable is not passed correctly, now uses the mosGetParams() function. (Linked with Joomla v1.0.11 security restriction)
- Fixed a small issue with vertical separator, force the style to ensure to display properly the vertival bar...
- Reviewed the load of Core JavaScript Library for Guest Users, improved detection and added error notification...
- Fixed issue with "Force to Category", now the feature is working again : if a category is selected it will be used as default or as Forced Only Category (according to "Force Add" setting.
- Reviewed the parameter "Append to Metatag Description", now you can add "Title Only", "Description Only", none or both. Also changed generated text  (removed "[]").
- Added a parameter to control where to add the Info in the Description metatag. !!! Known Limitation !!! The Site's Description is added after the component is executed, so unable to Replace or Prepend the Site's Description in the Description metatag - sorry !!!
- Added the "lock" image on Categories that have bookmarks being edited (checked-out), instead of displaying a "blank space", this is now more clearer...
- Add verification when passing value to the orderBookmarks() function, this to prevent wrong values to be passed to the SQL instruction (preventing bookmarks to be displayed due to SQL error).
- Integrated the "Export HTML" function directly into the "admin.bookmarks.php" file, this to reduce potential security issues...
!!! Note: Please remove the file "bookmarks_export.php", as it is no more needed and can no safely removed !!!
- Fixed an issue with Snapshoters that was loosing configuration caused by a missing Global initialisation of the "$snaps" object, now the config should not be reset anymore...
!!! Note: It's mandatory to upgrade the "Search Bot" (searchbot.bookmarks) to v2.7_2, as prior versions are reseting the Snapshoter's settings to default values (only if you are using Component v2.7_2 and higher) !!!

v2.7_2a (01.09.2006) by DJesus (Beta release)
- Fixed some minor bugs with snapshoters system (missing variable inititializaion or wrong assignement)
- Added a new SnashotSystem "BarnTools".