Dear MyLinks users,

[:ask] You cannot see the Actions images ?

[:idea] Hum, in fact this is a bit normal... But let me explain the reason...

I do use standard Mambo toolbars, but normally they are used from the Administrator folder, then looking for image folder in "/administrator/images/", but when used in Front-end, the standard images folder is used => "/images/".
So the trick is to copy the missing images from the administrator images folder... ;-)
Copy : edit, save, cancel, and delete, but normally html is not needed. This is a bug of Mambo (v4.5.2 and maybe in earlier versions too !?). Because the image for "edit" should be "edit.png" and not "html.png" => So you need to hack the file "include/HTML_toolbar.php" => the function "editList" should be like this (replace "html" by "edit") to display the correct image  :

function editList( $task='edit', $alt=_E_EDIT )
$image = mosAdminMenus::ImageCheck( 'edit.png', '/images/', NULL, NULL, $alt, $task );
$image2 = mosAdminMenus::ImageCheck( 'edit_f2.png', '/images/', NULL, NULL, $alt, $task, 0 );

Enjoy Hacking and Linking... [8-)]