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MOS_SearchBookmarks (v2.7_2) MOS_SearchBookmarks (v2.7_2)

Date added: 09/26/2007
Date modified: 01/22/2010
Filesize: 3.36 kB
Downloads: 13702

Latest version of the SearchBot to enhance the local searching feature to also look for bookmarks.

Improvements :
- Fixed and issue with Component v2.7_2 and Snapshoters system...
- Added a parameter to open the Bookmark in Detail page instead of directly open the target url.
- Added a parameter to restrict the search scope to only certain categories.
- Improved sorting of the result.

Important: Use this version if you already upgraded Bookmarks Component to v2.7_2 !!!

MOS_Com_Bookmarks (v2.7_2) for Joomla1.5 MOS_Com_Bookmarks (v2.7_2) for Joomla1.5

Date added: 07/26/2008
Date modified: 01/22/2010
Filesize: 269.63 kB
Downloads: 16505

!!! This is the first release compatible with Joomla! 1.5 with Legacy support !!!
=> Please report any issue to improve the component !

v2.7_2i (27.07.2008)
by DJesus (Beta release - Compatible with Joomla 1.5 with Legacy)
- Reviewed Joomla! 1.5 (with Legacy) compatibility (missing language items, hidden some toolbar, global review for compatibility)

!!! Know Issues with J!15 !!!
- Front-Page: 2 Array errors => reduce error log level to hide them - Still not able to find where it's come from...
- Back-End: the navigation system seems to stay always on first page (next page is not working) => Seems to be linked with Legacy...

v2.7_2h (05.04.2008) by DJesus (Internal release - Not published)
- Added trick to avoid "%" in URL, on certain site this may be miss interpreted as "Injection hacking". which is not...
- Added support for JReviews. See for more details - Thanks to Alejandro Schmeichler for idea and code !!!!
- Updated the JoomFish file for BookmarksLinks, added filter to improve translation management - Thanks to Tanja to have provided this update !!!!
- Added global parameter "$params" to snpashot file to fix problems with missing variable. - Thanks to Nico Hery for the fix !!!!!

MOS_Com_Bookmarks (v2.7_2) MOS_Com_Bookmarks (v2.7_2)

Date added: 03/21/2008
Date modified: 01/22/2010
Filesize: 269.13 kB
Downloads: 9074

Beta version for v2.7_2 version :

Important !
We do recommend to use the beta v2.7 version instead of the old v2.6 version, as much more stable and have the latest features available !


v2.7_2g (21.13.2008) by DJesus (Beta release)
- Updated Category's "Title" field size from 50 to 255 chars => run "OPC > DB check integrity" to update the table structure
- Added parameters to add extra parameters to IMG tag on Image (preview/snapshot). See for JS online effects... !!! Thanks to RoAdHoGg for the idea !!!
- Removed Debug code in "admin.bookmarks.php" causing trouble while creating new Custom fields in PHP 5.
- Added new Snapshot system : PicoShots (free and on-the-fly).
- Updated OPC - DB Integrity Check to correctly update the SQL table when importing table from v2.5 to v2.7. Issue with table "Bookmarks_Columns" fixed (creating default fields before the table structure is update with OPC).
- Added some Snapshots systems : WebseitenTuning and WebshotsPro (both are paid services)

v2.7_2f (06.06.2007) by DJesus (Internal release)
- Fixed an issue with Voting system the causes SQL error when variable "$rating" is empty some some any reasons, added quotes, to prevent error to occur..

v2.7_2e (12.05.2007) by DJesus (Beta release)
- Fixed an issue while importing Bookmarks from Mozilla Bookmarks.html file. No more importing the tag with description. !!! Thanks to Holger Mueller for the fix !!!
- Added a parameter to import or not the Description when importing a Bookmark file from FireFox.
- Fixed and issue with the code to retrieve Google PageRank. The new code is retrieving again the PR properly. !!! Thanks to Holger Mueller for the fix !!!

v2.7_2d (17.10.2006) by DJesus (Beta release - Not published)
- Fixed a wrong language entity use : in front-end was using _BM_BOOKMARK instead of _BMU_BOOKMARK, now correctly only uses the _BMU_BOOKMARK to avoid translation confusion.
- Added 2 parameters to control Border around Wrapper Box, when opening a Bookmarks in Wrapper mode.
- Fixed a small issue with Custom fields that contains "-" in their field name, added smart-quotes (`fieldname`) to prevent SQL to wrongly interprets as "minus sign operator" causing SQL errors.
- Reordered Tabs in Edit page for Front-End, now the "Custom Fields" tab is displayed in 2nd position (if present), then the Parameters tab. This mainly to respect a more logical display.
- Added in "OPC > DB Integrity check", the verification of files versions. Now the Component, Modules and Bots files are checked to identify version to detect copy error after manual upgrade (file not replaced correctly)...
- Reviewed OPC error tracking, now better tracking of multiple errors.
- Updated Snapshot system "ArtViper" to better generate preview by using some new parameters => Execute : OPC > Snapshots > Convert : ArtViper" to update the URL...
- Added Snapshot system "WebsitesThumbnail".
- Fixed a display issue on "Request Preview" in the Control Panel > Columns, the button's tooltip now properly displays the request URL.

=> For more details, please consult Change log stored in install package.

MOS_Bot_ButtonBookmarks (v1.0) MOS_Bot_ButtonBookmarks (v1.0)

Date added: 05/25/2005
Date modified: 01/22/2010
Filesize: 1.99 kB
Downloads: 6702

Special boutton for the WYSIWYG editor (Editor-Ext), this will add the icon for the mosBookmarks bot in the editor (like mosImage).

Mod_Bookmarks (v2.7_11) Mod_Bookmarks (v2.7_11)

Date added: 09/18/2006
Date modified: 01/22/2010
Filesize: 12.4 kB
Downloads: 10063

Module : Mod_Bookmarks v2.7_2
This is a multi-functions module for Bookmarks. You simply have to install only once, then duplicate the module to display different resutls (queries). Then you will need to upgrade only 2 files via FTP to upgrade to a newest version...

- Added Counters : Unpublished and Not Valid (Error 404)
- Added a parameter to Force "Itemid" to have the same behaviour than when the Bookmarks Component is displayed.
- Added Query for "Top Publisher" to display who submited the most of Bookmarks.
- Added Query to display "Parent Category" to display the Parent category of the current category
- Added Query to display "Current Category" to display the current category
- Added Query to display "Current Sub-Categories" to display the Sub-Categories of the current Category.
- Added Query to limit display of Bookmarks if they do not have an image assigned...